Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Dispel the Mists From Mysticism, Help You to Help Yourself.


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A Veritable Compendium of Christian Psychology, Spiritual Philosophy and Esoteric Biblical Interpretation.  Not cold, intellectual essays, but vibrant with sympathy, understand­ing and comfort for those facing life's trials and problems, explaining the reasons therefore and how to master them.  Radiant with practical help.  Takes all fear out of the Bible.


  • Life's Duties and How to Recognize and Accomplish Them
  • The Cycle of Fulfillment
  • The European War Foreshadowed and Causes Given Two Years Before It Began
  • Degrees and Orders, and the Celestial Hierarchies
  • The Wisdom Religion
  • Concerning the Doctrine of Hell Fire, Takes All Fear Out of the Bible
  • The Eleventh Command­ment
  • Narcotics, Alcohol and Psychism
  • A Study of Karma
  • The Self
  • The Doctrine of Avatara
  • A Clear Explanation of the Laws Under Which the Christ May Be Expected to Manifest on Earth in This Age, exposes the mistakes of the many claimants
  • A Study of Reincarnation
  • The Seven Powers of Man
  • A Brief Outline of Evo­lution, both Man and Nature
  • The Sevenfold Law
  • The Formation of World Chains
  • Purity and the problem of sex
  • The Origin of Man, a clear explanation which reconciles Fundamentalists and Liberals
  • The Symbol of the Serpent
  • Purification versus Deification
  • The Memory of Past Lives, explains why so many think they have been great personages in the past
  • The Cycle of Necessity
  • The Path of Attainment
  • Earth's Finer Forces
  • The Descent of the Light
  • The Two Tables of Stone or Woman's True Place and Mission in Life
  • The Healing Prayer and how to use it
  • How to Enter the Silence
  • Nature's Mystic Alphabet
  • A Study of the Relation of Sound, Number, Color and Form
  • The Word Made Flesh
  • Illumination
  • The Symbol of the Salt
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill, Covering the Whole Problem of Meat Eating
  • The Prayer of Consecration
  • The Meaning of the Symbol of the Order