Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Solve Evolutionary Problems.


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A new and illuminating concept of evolution.

Revolutionary yet inspiring views of the whole Garden of Eden story.  A new interpretation of the factors claimed by both sides of the controversy and a rational basis for the reconciliation of religion and science; of the Fundamentalists and the Liberals.

Profound, yet clear and simply expressed.  Scientifically accurate, yet not tiresomely statistical or unduly technical.  Vibrant with deep spirit­ual understanding and penetrating insight into ultimate realities and the fundamentals of both causation and manifestation.

Expands the mental horizon.  Satisfies the head, yet thrills the heart.  A grasp of this book will enable one to maintain his stand in any company.  Answers all questions.  Covers all phases, both biblical and scientific.


  • Chapters on Science, what it has proved as to the evolution of forms.
  • Materialism.  Not a sound philosophy.  Accept its facts, but not its conclusions. Manifestation.  Necessity of a pattern and how material­ized.  Examples. 
  • Creation. The first Adam created, the second Adam formed.  Not the descendants of apes and why.
  • Evolution not a mechanical process. 
  • Spiritual radio-activity. 
  • Adam and Eve.  Not parents of all.  How and why the separation of the sexes took place. 
  • Woman's place and duty.
  • Sex appeal.
  • Garden of Eden.  In all religions.  No such place ever found.  Meaning. 
  • Trees in the Garden.  Meaning of their fruit.  Why banished? 
  • The Serpent Power.  Why used as a symbol?  Sex not impure. 
  • The Kundalini-force, effect on spinal cord and brain. 
  • Unity in Duality. 
  • The Twain one Flesh.  True marriage made in heaven. 
  • Object of marriage.  Trial and companionate marriages. 
  • Supplementary chapters on God
  • The Image of God, and Emmanuel
  • The Three-Fold Flame.