Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Awaken the Inner Life.


By The Teacher of the Order of the 15

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A Prose Poem of Devotion and Meditation.

Whatever one's creed, every soul can eat and drink of a book full of loving helpfulness, that comes as unpretentious as a song-sparrow, as quiet as a hidden spring, as soft as an odour-laden zephyr, with song, re­freshment and delight.


This little book comes to you, dear reader, as a messenger winged with the love of the Master Who would gather His children from the four winds.

To all who are yearning for love and understanding, who are weary of waiting for the eventide when the Master shall walk in His garden in the cool of the day to meet His disciples, this little booklet is sent.
It comes as a cooling breeze at twilight after the heat and toil of the day.  It comes as the song of birds piping their goodnight to the toil-worn.  It comes as a messenger of Peace, speaking to such hearts as can hear, bringing to them the assurance that in the midst of the toil and disappointments and weariness of life there is a surging undercurrent of Power and Peace sweeping all humanity onward and upward, drawing them closer to the Heart of Love.

This little book is but a tiny rill from the Fountain of Life.  If it but fill with cooling drops the cup of one weary wanderer fainting in the Desert of Life, it has fulfilled its mission.

It is cast upon the Waters of Life in Love, Compassion, and Trust, knowing that it will accomplish that for which it is sent forth.