Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Awaken the Inner Life.


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So many have asked for a brief and direct, though com­prehensive treatment of a subject that especially concerns all thinking people, namely Reincarnation, that it becomes almost imperative that we, The Universal Religious Fellowship, Inc., issue such a treatise (1949).  However, instead of writing one, it oc­curs to us that since we have not found any treatment of this vital subject in clearer or more definitely organized form than in the four pamphlets issued some time ago by Dr. F. Homer Curtiss, our late beloved teacher and friend, we could do no better than to combine these four booklets into one, and put this valuable information forth for the blessing of all who read it.


  • Introduction. 
  • The Doctrine. 
  • Why and How. 
  • In the New Testament. 
  • Objections Answered. 
  • Scientific Evidence and Physical Proof.