Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Solve the Riddle of Death and After and explains all Psychic Experiences. A True and Remarkable Book on Occult Psychology


A Brief Description of Life after Death

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Is communication possible?  Is there a safe and legitimate method?

This book gives a clear, scientific, satisfying and comforting explanation of all after-death conditions, including a clear explanation of the problems unsolved by "Raymond"; "Letters from a Living Dead Man"; "Patience Worth," etc. A rational, scientific, all-inclusive philos­ophy, not a mere mediumistic report.  Wastes no time with elaborate proofs of life after death.  Written for those who already know it to be a fact and desire authoritative instruction as to the details.  Explains all methods of communication with the invisible.

Four added chapters on Protecting Powers, Independent Commu­nications, examples, The Aviator's Great Adventure, a Message from Quentin Roosevelt, The Annunciation, A Message from Lincoln, A Prophecy of the Aquarian Age, A Message from Saturn, The Garden of Prayers, The Message of the Sphinx, The Curtain, Aviator returns, etc.

You will find all your questions answered in this volume.


  • Scientific proofs
  • Rivers of Life and Death
  • The Seven Realms
  • Realm of Reflection
  • The Astral Double
  • The After-Death Sleep
  • The Awakening of the Aged
  • After Battle
  • Astral Helpers
  • Indians as Guides
  • Earth-bound Spirits
  • The Law of Thought and Desire
  • Diseases Due to Reflex Psychic Conditions
  • Clothing, Houses, Amusements, Public Places
  • The Method of Materialization
  • Souls Seeking Incarnation
  • Condi­tions around the Prospective Mother
  • The Hall of Lethe, Why We Forget the Higher Realms at Birth
  • Law of Manifestation
  • The Outer Darkness, Weeping and Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth
  • Masses of Color, Perfumes, Sounds, How the Flowers Are Colored
  • Thought and Thought-forms
  • Forms and Inventions, the Pattern Museum
  • Aeroplane Models and Other Inventions to Come
  • Obsessing Entities, Psychic Cause of Drunkenness, Examples and the Cure
  • Crimes of Irresistible Impulse
  • Lustful Temptations
  • Control of Sex Desires
  • Dual and Multiple Personalities
  • Loving Friends and Helpers
  • St. Paul's Injunction to Try the Spirits
  • So-called Lost Souls
  • The Dweller on the Threshold
  • Sad Fate of the Suicide
  • Elementals, the Fairies, Nature Sprites, Their Messages and Prophecies
  • How Gold is Formed
  • Psychic Realms
  • Diagrams of the Astral World
  • Death of the Astral Body
  • Spirits who Progress to Higher Spheres
  • The Hall of Learning and the Great Schools
  • The Great White Lodge
  • Work of Madame Blavatsky Continues
  • Independent Methods of Communion
  • Telepathy, Clairvoy­ance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience
  • Intuition, Inspiration, Theophany
  • Avesha
  • Difference between Independent and Subjective Methods
  • Spirit Control, Subjective versus Ecstatic Trance
  • Materialization
  • Trumpet Speaking
  • The Ouija Board, Examples of Its Deceptions and Dangers
  • Sir Oliver Lodge's Warning as to Automatic Writing
  • The Telepathic Method
  • Bible Examples, St. Paul's Directions to All Chris­tians
  • The Astral Chill versus the Spiritual Fire, Chill or Thrill
  • Protecting Powers
  • Negative versus Positive States
  • Enoch and the Doctrine of Translation
  • Akashic Records