Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946


Prayer for light

When studying the lessons, letters and works of the Order one comes to a deep realization that the writings are not the intellectualisation of the Founders, but that they are indeed the emanations of something much higher and Divine, as the style of writing, and the simplicity of the teachings strike a chord deep within the heart. We term such writings as being truly inspired for no human agency can hold so much love, understanding and wisdom.

These Teachings present the philosophy of Christian Psychology and Mysticism in plain, comprehensible terms and applied to the daily life. Not mere theory and metaphysical speculation, but a definite and comprehensible philosophy of life and Soul-growth, tested through years of experience, which includes a rational explanation of all forms of mysticism and Biblical Occultism, as well as the vital and complex problems of modern life and all after-death conditions. These Teachings fulfil the needs of the awakened Soul who is seeking to know and understand how to apply the universal laws of the spiritual life under present and coming world conditions. While philosophical and comprehensive in their scope, they also answer the heart-cry for love, light and life.

To be efficient in life's day at school, a philosophy should be sought which is so all-inclusive that it explains: Where we came from, Why we are here, What the destiny is to which we are expected to reach, What our individual place is in the whole mighty scheme of the universe, And how we are to attain it.

To internalise the teachings of the OCM one needs to undertake a systematic course of study whereby one implements various exercises and disciplines into ones life. This enables one to learn the more advanced lessons of the inner life or the "Mystery of the Kingdom of God." "Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the Kingdom of God: but unto them that are without (unpurified and uninitiated) all these things are done in parables."

The higher spiritual attainment requires more than a clean, good moral life and good citizenship. It requires an active and persistent seeking for the Christ-consciousness as a personal, psychological and spiritual experience, putting aside all ideas of limitation as to the manner in which, or the religion through which that realization may come.

In reality, the Teacher who appears is just the thing that can teach us to take the next step. Sometimes it is a friend quite as ordinary as ourselves; another time it is a book, another an incident in our lives. But it is always just that thing which teaches us to take the next step. Only as the student can grasp that these teachings are far more than the intellectual compilations of the authors is he ready to internalise the teachings in earnest, once he can sense the light of the Hierarchy back of this Order.

We maintain that it is that man is intended to unfold and manifest his spiritual development right in the environment where the Great Law leads him in the various epochs of his life. And these Teachings are an effort to show man how he can thus unfold his true spiritual nature in the midst of his everyday affairs, and thus help on the evolution of all the world by radiating to everything he contacts, in all worlds, and kingdoms, the degree of spiritual radiation he has been able to manifest.

To assist in your spiritual development, repeat the following prayer together with its attendant visualisation, first thing in the morning and last thing before dropping of to sleep, and many times during the day:


O Christ!  Light Thou within my heart
The Flame of Divine Love and Wisdom,
That I may dwell forever in the radiance of Thy Countenance
And rest in the Light of Thy Smile!

After repeating this prayer, see with the mind’s eye the Divine Light descending upon you like the beam of a gigantic searchlight, pouring down from above upon your head and flooding you with its radiance. See the beam of Light surrounding you with a circle of brilliant white Light, forming the Ring-Pass-Not, within which no inharmonious or evil thing can penetrate without being consumed by that Divine Fire.

Then see it illumine your mind, expand your consciousness and deepen your understanding of life, love and law, and the experiences of your daily life.

As the Light surrounds you, see it awaken in your heart a tiny, bright Flame.  Watch this Flame spring up and grow until it illumines every fibre of your being with Divine Love and Compassion.  Feel the Flame send an actual glow of warmth throughout your physical body to the tips of your fingers and toes, purifying, spiritualising and transmuting the very atoms of your flesh with its spiritual radio-activity.

Then see it ascend and blend into and make you one with the Divine Flame that is pouring down upon you from above.

Then ascend in consciousness within the column of this Divine Light to the realms of Divine Consciousness where you lose yourself in Oneness with the Divine and think of the smile that the Divine One turns on all those who tune in to His consciousness through the aspirations of their hearts.  And rest in the joy of that smile.

The above simple prayer is a most potent invocative force for calling down the Divine Light into us.  Performing this ritual and prayer cannot but have a positive effect on the wellbeing of the individual and its positive effects should be felt immediately.  Repeating rituals and prayers often, preferably in the same place and at the same time, strengthens such rituals.  All things of the spirit are strengthened through repeated use.  That these prayers were given directly from on High increases their potency. 

They have also been used by thousands of people all over the world and by such Invocation one taps into a limitless source of Divine Blessing.  Invoking and correlating with the Divine Fire is a most potent exercise.

(As used in these Teachings, the term “Christ” refers to the Universal Christ Principle or the individualized Ray of God within each heart.  This Ray is often called the Spiritual Self, the Real Self, the Higher Self, the I Am Presence, the God within, the Christ-within, etc.)