Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Awaken the Inner Life


Prayers of The Order of Christian Mystics

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A long felt want finally filled.  A collection of inspired and in­spiring prayers for all occasions and for every need and mood.  Published in small, handy form convenient for the pocket or hand-bag, and accessible at all times.

By its regular use all aspirants may experience the manifold bless­ings and joys, the protection and comfort of the spiritual forces which these mystical prayers actually invoke.  Divine Invocation at its most potent.


  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Prayer for Light
  • Sunrise Prayer
  • Morning Prayer
  • Sunset Prayer
  • Evening Prayer
  • Midnight Prayer
  • Prayer to the Divine Indweller
  • Prayer to the Divine Mother
  • For Realisation
  • Healing Prayer
  • How to Use the Healing Prayer
  • Prayer of Protection
  • How to Use the Prayer of Protection
  • Prayer of Devotion
  • Prayer of Demonstration
  • Prayer for World Harmony
  • Prayer for the Christ Power
  • Prayer for Christ’s Coming
  • Prayer My Christ is Here
  • Prayer of the Three Doors
  • Grace before Meals
  • To Conquer Fear
  • To Challenge Psychic Manifestations
  • Prayer for Coming Conditions
  • Prayer to the Source
  • Prayer for the Atoms
  • Prayer to the White Warriors
  • Prayer for Understanding
  • Prayer to Purify the Flesh
  • Prayer for Power to Conquer
  • Prayer for Freedom
  • Prayer for the Awakening
  • I Will Arise
  • Prayer for Things Needed
  • Invocation to the Flame
  • Prayer to the Chariot of Fire
  • Teach Me To Learn My Lesson
  • For What to Say
  • Prayer for the Indian
  • Prayer for a Spiritual Wall
  • He Walks with Me
  • I Lay Me Down
  • Prayer to the Lord of Light
  • Prayer for Consecrating the Hands
  • Prayer for the Golden Fruits
  • Prayer to the Soul
  • Prayer of the Sanctuary
  • Prayer of Consecration
  • To be Efficient
  • Gratitude
  • Tests of Teachings
  • Prayer to the Forth-Coming
  • Addition to Grace at Meals or after any Gift
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving
  • A Prayer for World Peace