Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Set the Inner Spiritual Pattern for Life.


The Symbolic Life of Christ

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Every seeker and initiate is destined to walk the same well trodden path of those that have come before.  There is but one universal story of the initiate.  The One Pattern Life we are all in the process of unfolding.  Based on the Life of the Master Jesus.

The most astonishing yet revealing interpretation of the Gospel story.  Gives it a new spiritual yet logical and scientific appeal.

The result of Dr. Curtiss' 20 years of painstaking and scholarly research in the fields of comparative religion, philosophy, psychology and sym­bolism.

The results are astonishing if not sensational in the religious field.  Not dry scholastic argument, but applied to the daily experiences of our lives.

Gives the only satisfactory explanation of the many inaccuracies and flat contradictions in the Gospels.
Accepts the historical facts recently discovered, but definitely refutes the materialistic conclusions of the "higher critics" and mythologists.  A great reconciler of conflicting opinions and theories.


  • Introduction.  The Universal Solar Myth.  The basis of all world religions.
  • The Annunciations.  To Elizabeth and Zacharias.  To Mary and Joseph.  Why made by Gabriel?
  • The Immaculate Conception.  Why disputed for ages?  Was Joseph the real father of Jesus?
  • The Birth of the Christ.  Actual date unknown.  Why Dec. 25th was chosen.  Its meaning in our daily lives.
  • The Wise Men and the Star.  How could a star stand still over a certain spot and then turn South?  What it really was.  Who were the Wise Men?
  • The Shepherds and the Sheep.  Why the revelation was made to humble shepherds and not to the high priests.
  • The Manger and the Swaddling Clothes.  Why was Christ born in a stable?  Meaning of swaddling clothes.
  • Gifts of the Wise Men.  Symbology of gold, frankincense and myrrh, their meaning.
  • Herod and the Wise Men.  Gives the key to many otherwise unex­plained experiences in our lives.
  • The Flight and Massacre.  Were any children actually slain?  How many?  Why denied by St. Luke?
  • Twelve Years of Age.  Where was Jesus during His early years?  Why 12 is an important age.
  • The Baptism.  John.  Why did Jesus need to be baptized by John?  Its meaning.
  • The Baptism.  The Christ.  Why did Jesus wait until He was 30 before baptism?
  • The Baptism.  The Jordan.  The physical features of the Jordan.  Their significance.
  • The Temptation.  The Fast.  Why did Jesus need to fast 40 days?  Its significance.
  • The Temptation.  The Tempter.  Why did Jesus submit to temptation by the devil when He knew who it was?
  • The Marriage in Cana.  How and why was the water turned into wine?  Its symbology and application.
  • The Betrayal.  Why did Jesus permit Judas to betray Him when He knew of the intention long in advance?
  • The Crucifixion.  Why was this tragedy permitted?  Why between thieves?  Its significance.
  • Three Days in the Tomb.  What took place during that interval?  Its meaning.
  • The Resurrection.  How could Jesus survive, appear and disappear through closed doors at will?
  • The Ascension.  How was Jesus' body changed so that "flesh and blood" could inherit the kingdom of heaven?
  • Elaborate Appendix.  Star map of the heavens.  The actual astronomi­cal events of the Sun Cycle.  Various birth dates.  Why Dec. 25th was chosen.  Inaccuracies and flat contradictions explained.
  • Will cause as many happily changed lives as any other of "The Curtiss Books."
  • Illustrated with a hitherto unpublished picture of the Master Jesus.