Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Explain the Second Coming and Give a New Outlook on Life.


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Not a sequel to The Voice of Isis, but rather a response to the urgent call for further and more advanced instruction concerning the great unrest in world conditions, and their solution.  Also contains a reasonable and scientific explanation of how and when and to whom the Son of Man will appear at the Second Coming.  The only satisfactory exposition of this subject.


  • The Mystic Life, in nature, so in man
  • How to react to stimuli from the inner world as we now react to the outer
  • The Sign Aquarius, doctrine of cycles and ages
  • The Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven
  • Are These the Last Days
  • Cycles of Races and sub races, meaning of "the end of the world"
  • Comets and Eclipses, how cosmic changes affect the Earth
  • The Sunspot cycle and its effect, Halley's comet ushered in the Aquarian Age
  • The Law of Growth, how the ideal mani­fests through the Law of Growth
  • The Dynaspheric Force
  • Birth of the New Age, the Water Bearer
  • Embodiment of the Christ, His teachings
  • Jacob and Esau, meaning of the trickery, of Jacob's twelve sons
  • Symbology of the Stars and Stripes, is America the seat of the new race?
  • Mastery and the Masters, meaning of mastery and how attained
  • Feminine Masters, the Great White Lodge
  • Mother Earth, her alchemy, her seven layers
  • Origin of insect pests and plant blights, effect of bloodshed on battlefields
  • The Four Winds, use of 4 in the Bible, coming cataclysms
  • The Three Johns, John the Bap­tist, John the Beloved, John the Revelator
  • Children of the House­hold, the Prayer for Demonstration
  • Protection from Astral Forces, Astral Chill, Astral Diseases
  • Child Training, Attaining Material Supply  
  • Man, Know Thyself, Divisions of Man, Laws of Mind
  • Concentration on the solar plexus
  • Training the subconscious mind, the super conscious
  • Symbol of the Carpenter, of Herod, the Crucifixion
  • Orderly Sequence, effect of order and disorder
  • The Spiral of Life, reason for changes in life
  • Use of the Masters' names
  • Life Waves, law of wave, motion, rhythm of the breath
  • Tidal waves, storms of emotion, magnetic variations of the Earth
  • Message of the Sphinx
  • Ancient Order of the Sphinx, where today, meaning of the scarab
  • Origin of the Order of Christian Mystics
  • Crypt beneath the Sphinx
  • The Second Woe, length of the four periods of the woe, false prophets
  • The Day of Judgment
  • Signs of His coming
  • Law of Sacrifice, sacrifice of the Sun in Nature
  • Value of talismans
  • Value of sacrifice
  • The Sheep and the Goats, their symbology, the "other sheep"
  • The Mystic Oak, origin and function of the dance
  • Rhythmic motion in religious services
  • Symbology of Circle and Sun dances, origin of bonfires and the Maypole
  • Dryads and Naiads
  • The Dia­mond Heart, formation of a diamond, forces obtained from a dia­mond
  • The True Priesthood, meaning of priest, hierophant, prophet­
  • Melchisedec and Jesus, how an Avatar manifests, His near advent
  • Partial Avatars or Aveshas
  • A New Testament
  • Jesus' new testament
  • Symbology of "the upper chamber", of blood, of the bread and wine
  • Crossing Jordan, wandering in the wilderness, dividing the waters, crossing dry shod
  • Taking Jericho, symbology of the ram's horns, why the walls fell
  • The Vain Show
  • Lucifer, distinction between Luci­fer, Satan and the devil
  • Universal Center of the Solar School
  • The Luciferian School
  • Faith and Works
  • Sun Initiation
  • Mars, why Mars is red, relation of Mars and Venus
  • Why the Bible is allegorical
  • The Spiritual Birth, place of the spiritual birth
  • The Spiritual or Nirmanakaya body
  • The Mighty Angel, "this same Jesus shall so come in like manner"
  • His method of appearance, conditions necessary, how to recognize Him
  • The Soul's Guerdon, lesson of each Earth life­
  • Object of incarnation, value of ceremonies, observances, diet, etc.
  • The Lord from Heaven