Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Awaken the Inner Life.


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A Tragedy in Five Acts.  A most astounding prophecy.

A thrilling tale of a pre-historic race, recovered psychically by the Authors.

The legend is that ages ago, before the Mayas reached the zenith of their glory, there came to them a white child who had remarkable psychic and prophetic powers.  She was said to have come from "over the mountains" and as the city was surrounded by inaccessible mountains which made communication with the outside world impossible, except through a secret pass known only to the priests, the appearance of such a child was considered miracu­lous. 

This white child was given into the care of the priests and attached to the Temple of the Sun where she was brought up in all the learning of the priesthood, and in time was made their High Priestess and was married to the king.  Under guidance of her divine inspiration the nation grew and prospered to such an extent that it became the leader in learning, civilization and power.  But at the death of the king the Priestess-queen was betrayed and murdered at the instigation of the king's sister who desired to inherit the throne.  After the tragedy it was found that a miracle had taken place, for although the Priestess was stabbed to the heart, no blood had flowed. 

The priests then took charge of the body and claimed that it would remain in a state of suspended animation and perfect preservation until the Soul of the Priestess returned.   During the centuries that have elapsed, the nation gradually declined until it is now composed of but a few insignificant tribes buried in the mysterious mountain fastnesses ­of Central America into which no white man has ever been permitted to penetrate.  But the priests still declare that the Priestess-queen will some day return and restore the glory of the nation.


ACT I. The Battlements of the City.
ACT II. The Shrine on the Mountainside.
ACT III. The Crypt Beneath the Temple.
ACT IV. The Love Philtre.
ACT V. Scene I.  The Rite of Naked Sword.
Scene II. The Flaming Pyre, and the Prophecy.