Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Explain the Mysteries of Life and Renews Faith through Knowledge.


Or a Spiritual Interpretation of Numbers & Symbols

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This work is not only the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the significance and spiritual interpretation of numbers and symbols, but its 40 chapters contain more new, reliable and spiritually helpful information on numbers, letters, the Tarot cards, the circle, triangle, square, pentacle, Seal of Solomon, the Commandments, includ­ing the esoteric interpretation of many Bible and classic myths hereto­fore little understood, also Masonic symbols, the Trinity, the Elohim, angels, mythology, evolution, cycles, initiations, etc., than many sep­arate books on those subjects.

Not a dry mathematical treatise, nor mere speculative theories.  Illustrations and confirmations from nature at every turn.

Shows that all personal experiences are expressions of the one Great Law manifesting according to mathematical principles, demon­strating that the unfoldment of the godlike possibilities inherent in each Soul follows, step by step, the same order of events that is followed in the Cosmos.

You will find all your questions answered in this volume.


  • The Origin of Numerical Systems
  • The Symbol of the Circle, Ser­pent, Kirk and Church
  • The Druids and Hyperborean’s
  • Round Towers of Ireland
  • Indians Use of Feathers
  • The Circle as the Egg and the Cat
  • Origin of the Decimal System
  • Origin of the Druid Bonfires and Maypole
  • Why 1 Comes First
  • The 1st Hebrew Letter, Aleph
  • The 1st Tarot Card, The Juggler
  • Origin of Constantine's Symbol
  • The Magic Wand and Crozier
  • Soul ­Marriage
  • Key to the Universal Law of Sex
  • The 2nd Hebrew Letter, Beth
  • The 2nd Tarot Card, The High Priestess
  • Jakin and Boas
  • Solar Cross
  • Veil of Isis
  • The 3 Great Star Streams
  • Origin of the Triangle and the Trinity
  • Diagram of Law of Marriage and Divorce
  • Tripod of Pythian Priestess
  • Noah and His Sons
  • Prophets in the Fiery Furnace
  • Power of the Spoken Word
  • Army of the Voice
  • The 3rd Hebrew Letter, Gimel
  • The 3rd Tarot Card, The Empress
  • Origin of the Square and Cross
  • Swastika
  • The 4 Beasts
  • The 4 Winds
  • The 4 Gospels
  • The 4 Rivers of Eden
  • 40 Years in the Wilderness
  • 40 Days Fast
  • The 4 Castes of Mankind
  • The 4 Stages of Civilization
  • The 4 Forms of Government, the last of which we are now entering
  • The 4th Hebrew Letter, Daleth
  • The 4th Tarot Card, The Emperor
  • Difference between Sabbath and Sunday
  • Role of Saturn
  • The 5 Pointed Star
  • Belshazzar's Vision
  • Clairvoyance not a 6th Sense
  • Symbol of the Crocodile
  • The 5 Talismans of the Sikhs
  • Anti­gonus' Vision of the Pentacle
  • Effect of a Reversed Symbol
  • The 5th Hebrew Letter, He
  • The 5th Tarot Card, The Pope or Hierophant
  • Offering Up Isaac
  • The 6 Days of Creation
  • The 6 Days of Labor
  • Number 6 and the Elementals
  • The 6th Hebrew Letter, Vau
  • The 6th Tarot Card, The Lovers
  • The Mystery of Creation
  • The 7 Elohim
  • Music of the Spheres
  • Colors of the Musi­cal Scale
  • Apollo's Lyre
  • The Pipes of Pan
  • The Number of Gestation
  • The 7-fold Earth Chain
  • The 7 Races and Sub-races
  • The 7-fold Con­struction of Man
  • The 7 Cycles of Life
  • The 7-fold Basis of Masonry
  • Madame Blavatsky and Number 7
  • The 7 Churches in Asia
  • Number 7 in Revelation
  • The 7-Pointed Star
  • Seal of Solomon
  • Legend of the Minotaur
  • Of Phaeton
  • The 7 Principles of Man clearly expounded
  • The 7 Pleiades and the 7 Rishis
  • Myth of Orion
  • Of Niobe
  • The 7th Hebrew Letter, Zain
  • The 7th Tarot Card, The Chariot
  • The Number of Evolution
  • The Octave
  • The 8th Sphere
  • The Dweller on the Threshold
  • Valley of the Shadow of Death
  • The 8th Hebrew Letter, Heth
  • The 8th Tarot Card, Justice
  • The Number of Initiation
  • Apollonius of Tyana
  • Meditation
  • Genii of the Hours
  • Higher Initiations
  • Plato and Num­ber 9
  • The 9th Hour
  • The 9 Muses
  • The Mystery of Number 9
  • Symbology of a Rope
  • The 144,000
  • The 9th Hebrew Letter, Teth
  • The 9th Tarot Card, The Hermit
  • The Number 10
  • The Number of Completion
  • The Decad
  • The Sun
  • Abram and Sarai
  • Zodiac Formerly had Only 10 Signs
  • Diagram of the Group-Soul
  • Meaning of the 10 Lepers
  • The 10th Hebrew Letter, Yod
  • The 10th Tarot Card, The Wheel of Life
  • The Joy of Completion
  • Key-note of Creation
  • Geo­logic Eras
  • Number of Completed Earth
  • Man and Super-man