Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Are Exhaustless Wells of Fascinating Material and are Life-long Friends.


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Forty splendid chapters covering almost every phase of the mystic life, occultism and spiritual philosophy, from the stock market col­lapse and the depression, and the remedy, to the zodiac, the elementals, divine fire, redemption, King Arthur and his knights, King Desire, and the Christ Star.


  • The Inner Radiance: that mysterious power which pushes all things on to perfection.
  • The God Man: God in the process of manifestation in man.  
  • As in the Days of Noah: planets returning to similar rela­tions and producing similar conditions today.  How to master them. 
  • Spiritual Co-operation: a law of the universe.  
  • Man and the Zodiac: how the 12 signs are represented in man.  
  • The Lord from Heaven: how the spiritual man descends into the human.  
  • The Soul Language: the inner language of spiritual consciousness.  
  • Transmigration: the doctrine, the atoms.  Not reincarnation.  
  • Cosmic Causes of World Conditions and the Remedy: Cosmic and Karmic factors, Dr. Curtiss' lecture before the Chamber of Commerce.  
  • The Mystic Rose: why a symbol of Divine Love.  
  • The Great and the Small: all things are rela­tive.  
  • The Lords of Karma: the events of life neither fate nor pun­ishment, but opportunities.
  • Redemption: the esoteric doctrine.  Why necessary.  
  • Reliance: of the outer upon the inner.  
  • The Great Work: the mystery of Spiritual Alchemy.  
  • King Desire: his meaning and mastery.
  • The Mystery of the Elements: the conscious forces back of Nature.  Hymn to the Elements. 
  • Man and the Elementals: role of the Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs and Salamanders. 
  • The Realm of Be-ness: the mystery of Being from non-being.  
  • Saturn and Cyclic Law: role of Saturn as tester and Initiator.  
  • God, Man and the Planet: their re­lation.  The Book of Remembrance.  
  • The Third Eye: functions of the pineal gland.  
  • The Mount of Attainment: the end of the Path.  
  • The Round Table: symbology of King Arthur and his knights.  
  • Di­vine Fire: fire of life, of mind.  Cosmic fire.  
  • The Glory of the Lord: how recognized and contacted.  
  • Lessons by the Way: The ancient con­tinents.  
  • Lesson of the sage-brush.  Nature's symbology.  
  • The King of Glory: where and how he reigns.  
  • The Christ Star: the shepherds and the Wise Men.  The five points.  
  • Preparation: for the Second Coming