Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

The Teachings of the Order of Christian Mystics Help Solve Everyday Health Problems.


For the Purification and Health of the Body, Mind and Emotions

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This is not a large elaborate volume filled with dry statistics and long-winded discussions and theories about health, but a vitally inter­esting and practical summary of our teachings on the importance of health of body, mind and spirit, and how to retain or regain it.

It contains the essence of my many years of medical experience, together with our highest mystical teachings as to the health of the inner as well as the outer man.  It therefore deals with the effect upon your health of the thoughts, emotions and psychic influences to which you respond, as well as the physical factors.

It contains the essence of the most advanced metaphysical teaching on bathing, breathing, exercise, thought-control, and physical, mental, psychic, prayer, faith and spiritual healing.  All boiled down into twelve chapters packed with definite laws, rules and directions.  All expressed in simple, non-technical language.

Contains the exact routine to eliminate most chronic disorders, as well as explicit instructions as to just what to do in acute attacks.  This may save the life of your child, yourself or your family.
Each chapter gives the essence of whole, inexpensive courses on each subject.  Just what you have long been waiting for.  Study carefully the table of contents and see if you can afford to be without it.


  • The body an instrument.
  • What is health?  
  • Uses of pain, of prayer.  
  • Natural immunity to all diseases, how attained.  
  • Restoration to health.
  • Mechanical Factors in Health.  
  • Structural defects.  
  • Spinal adjustments, bathing, etc.
  • Breathing.  Science of breath.  Occult uses of breath, etc.
  • Constipation.  Reasons for.  Mechanism of.  Cure of.
  • Acute Disorders.  Appendicitis cured in a few hours.
  • Food in General.  Compatible combinations etc.
  • Compatibility of Foods.  Rules for combinations.
  • Cooking.  Best methods.  Raw foods.  Various Suggestions.  
  • Insomnia.  
  • Alcohol.  
  • Tobacco.  
  • Vaccination.  
  • Serums.
  • Mental Influences.  Origin of thought.  Mental health.
  • Emotions.  Effect of joy, happiness, prayer, aspiration.
  • Spiritual Influences.  
  • Invisible helpers.  
  • Healing Prayer.
  • Menus and Statistics.  
  • How to choose, properly combine, cook and serve foods.