Teachings of

The Order of Christian Mystics

1908 – 1946

To All Who Have Eyes to See and Hearts to Understand


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Music and song have an important role in the spiritual and mystic life. They evoke spiritual aspiration and devotion from the individual and invoke mystic and spiritual powers from the higher realms.

It is the object of this small collection to take advantage of the most beautiful and well-known words and tunes, and also of the currents of force from on high generated by their use by thousands of earnest seekers for hundreds of years.

While the words used seem orthodox, yet if they are read in the light of their mystic interpretation they give evidence of true inspiration and spiritual realization, and reveal the deepest occultism and mysticism.

One can become an occultist by acquiring occult knowledge through the intellect, but to become a Mystic requires the development of the heart qualities as well, which are attained through aspiration and devotion. Hence the emphasis we place upon the devotional side of our teachings.